We are at the forefront of the social media “revolution” advising clients on the complex legal, regulatory, and policy issues associated with social media.

The social media “revolution” is changing the way individuals, companies, and governments organize, navigate, and share information, as well as the very nature of privacy.  The explosive growth of social media, coupled with the continuing transition from the use of desktop and laptop computers to increasingly powerful mobile devices, has provided virtually instantaneous and constant access to an increasingly interconnected digital world and, correspondingly, increased risk to individuals and companies. Our partners in this practice group advise clients on the complex legal, regulatory, and policy issues associated with social media.  We have lectured at numerous conferences and counseled domestic and international clients about these issues.

What We Do

  • Prepare social-media-related policies and advise in connection with intra-company collaboration spaces for companies.
  • Advise on the creation, monitoring, and maintenance of corporate social media pages.
  • Advise clients on crisis management and emergency response preparedness involving social media.
  • Advise copyright owners on the unauthorized use of their creative works in connection with user-generated content  posted to Internet sites.
  • Advise clients about litigation discovery issues associated with social media, including identification, preservation,  collection and production, as well as obtaining social media from adverse parties.
  • Advise companies on risk-reduction strategies in connection with user-generated content.
  • Draft comprehensive internal guidelines for reviewing online content for potential intellectual property, publicity, privacy,  and breach-of-contract issues.
  • Advise on employment issues that arise under federal, state, and international laws from employees’ use and misuse of  social media, including monitoring of employee postings, development of policies balancing lawful interests of  employers and employees, and disciplinary action arising from improper postings.
  • Advise U.S. and multinational clients on domestic and foreign privacy and data protection issues concerning collection,  disclosure, and marketing uses of information via social media.