Condon & Forsyth LLP Partner David Harrington interviewed on Party Participation in an NTSB Investigation

Condon & Forsyth LLP Partner David Harrington was interviewed by Corporate Counsel, a division of ALM Media, specializing in business news for the legal sector, about his experience advising air carriers and aircraft manufactures during an NTSB investigation. Dave offered his insight to the NTSB investigative process by saying “You need to keep a very watchful eye on the NTSB investigation and the direction it’s taking. If you are going to be a party participant, be a proactive one. For example, if you think investigators are heading down the wrong path, speak up and keep a record of points you disagree with.” This way, as Dave explained, later on during the investigation, a party will be able to say “We suggested that; they didn’t do it.”

In recent years, Dave has represented parties to several NTSB investigations and was honorably asked by the NTSB to give a special presentation to its Board Members and investigators on the role of outside counsel during the course of an NTSB accident investigation. A copy of Corporate Counsel’s article, “The Upsides of Party Participation in an NTSB Investigation,” is available by clicking here.