“Too Hot to Fly” – Marshall Turner interviewed for Slate Magazine

C&F partner, Marshall Turner, was recently interviewed by Slate magazine for an article regarding climate change titled “Too Hot to Fly” (July 14, 2017).  Marshall, co-editor of Aviation and Climate Change – Law & Policy, spoke to Slate journalist Ashley Braun about the effects of extreme heat on the airline industry and the ways in which the industry can address the problem.  He also spoke at length about climate change initiatives (such as the Kyoto Protocol, the EU-ETS, and CORSIA) but addressed in particular solutions for the aviation industry, i.e., manufacturers providing more efficient engines and airframe designs to reduce plane weight and fuel burn, airlines altering flight schedules to cooler times of the day and more efficient routing, including Continuous Descent Approaches, and many other fuel saving solutions.

To read “Too Hot to Fly” click here.

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