Anthony Battista, Chris Christensen, Katherine Posner and Wendy Grossman co-author chapters in ABA’s Litigating the Aviation Case

Anthony Battista and Chris Christensen co-authored a chapter on “Class Action Litigation” in the American Bar Association’s Litigating the Aviation Case (4th ed., 2017).  The chapter discusses the unique issues that arise in aviation class actions, including the defense of airline class actions, the challenges faced when litigating antitrust and foreign consumer protection claims (i.e., EU 261), and the emergence of class action waiver provisions in consumer contracts.

Kathy Posner and Wendy Grossman co-authored a chapter on “An Aviation Insurance Primer,” also for the ABA’s Litigating the Aviation Case.  The chapter is intended to be an overview for the aviation practitioner and discusses aviation insurance industry issues, including types of aviation insurance (i.e., loss of and damage to aircraft, hull  coverage, agreed value policies, passenger liability, family assistance and disaster response expenses, and third-party, products and airport operations liability insurance).

Condon & Forsyth has authored chapters in each edition of the ABA’s Litigating the Aviation Case since it was first published in 1987.  This updated fourth edition, published August 2017, focuses on the complex and varied issues arising from commercial, military and general aviation accidents, and provides guidance on litigating all aspects of an aviation case.