Carol A. Gaudet

Of Counsel, New York

T: 212.894.6829 F: 212.370.4453
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Carol A. Gaudet

Carol Gaudet’s practice focuses on estate planning and asset protection.

Her primary goal is to minimize tax burdens and ensure the health and viability of her clients’ assets well into the future.
Carol represents her domestic and international private clients in the acquisition, ownership and management of their U.S. and foreign interests, including marketable securities, real property, foreign and domestic corporations, as well as on and off shore trusts. She enjoys long term working relationships with banks, trust companies, counsel and fiduciaries in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

Carol began her career focusing on individuals and families based abroad, helping them to diversify their assets in order to protect their estates. She has expanded her practice to further encompass domestic clients such as families and trusts, including those with overseas beneficiaries. Never settling for cookie cutter solutions, Carol explores a variety of options to create a comprehensive plan customized to each client’s unique and particular needs. Her collaboration with foreign tax specialists world wide gives her clients peace of mind that their assets will take care of their families throughout their own lifetimes and for future generations.