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CondonBusiness’s Taxation group advises individuals, partnerships and corporations on the tax ramifications of both personal and corporate transactions, ranging from real estate purchases and wealth management to large scale acquisitions and commercial loans. Our tax experts work collaboratively with members of the Real Estate, Wealth Management, and Litigation groups. Their deep knowledge of the evolving tax code, a wide range of sectors, and international issues make them eminently qualified to advise on the best ways to structure many types of transactions with minimal tax impact.

We advise on international, federal, state and local tax issues, including tax planning for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, split-offs, joint ventures, real estate ventures and reorganizations. In addition, we provide strategic tax reduction planning with respect to individual income tax, estate and gift taxes, business tax, sales and use tax, foreign tax and other types of tax.

We are also experienced in consulting on complex fiduciary obligations and plan governance issues. When our clients are involved in litigation, CondonBusiness’s tax attorneys provide financial and accounting support as needed for evidentiary inquiries.

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