Drawing upon our internationally recognized expertise in aviation, complex tort, product liability, insurance and regulatory matters, our Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) practice group is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in this evolving sector.

Our UAS team consists of experienced attorneys who are prepared to represent manufacturers, operators, pilots, insurers, and any other stakeholders in the numerous legal and business issues related to the ever-expanding use of unmanned aircraft systems. The UAS practice group, which includes lawyer-pilots with experience in FAA enforcement actions, as well as attorneys with real-world experience in accident investigation and litigation, product liability, aviation operations (including pilot training, flight operations, SMS programs, and manuals), contract formation and negotiation, risk management /loss prevention/insurance coverage issues , privacy issues, and commercial litigation. As the UAS sector continues to expand and evolve, our UAS team stands ready to assist stakeholders in their business and legal needs, including:

  • Assisting with FAA certification and compliance issues;
  • Assisting with commercial operator certification and compliance issues;
  • Defending FAA enforcement actions and state/local statutory violations;
  • Providing regulatory guidance and advice;
  • Advising on privacy, nuisance and trespass issues;
  • Assisting Operations/Flight departments;
  • Advising on financial/transactional matters;
  • Advising on risk management and loss prevention issues;
  • Advising on insurance procurement and coverage issues;
  • Representing clients in civil, criminal and commercial litigation; and
  • Preparing or reviewing commercial contracts and waivers.